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Monday, 21 March 2011

The Bare Necessities

There are two things that I cannot live without: good coffee and good bread. The former, formerly, was something I attempted (but rarely succeeded) to make at home. The latter, if I may boast, I could easily make at home but time constraints usually led to my purchasing it elsewhere. This past weekend was a massive, brilliant hit of the coffee-bread duet, thanks to the Italian Centre Shop and Prairie Mill Bread Co.

I procured a gargantuan cinnamon bun and a still-warm, fragrant loaf of Mediterranean sourdough bread from Prairie Mill at the City Centre Farmers' Market. I also happened upon Bella Dolce Bakery, who are producers of crisp, delicious and very tempting biscotti. It was difficult to choose just one flavour, but I left with a half-doz of cinnamon-cappuccino.

Final stop: the Italian Centre Shop to purchase a Bialetti Brikka. Finally, finally I can make espresso at home (and I must credit Teresa Spinelli for the on-the-fly espresso-making lesson). At last I sit at my kitchen table, enjoying the intermittent spring sunshine, with buttered bread, a biscotti and a divine cup of espresso.

 Addendum: I use Kimbo or Lavazza espresso.


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