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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Credo Coffee and Eat Alberta - A Hearty Brew

I was fortunate to have coffee (and delicious coffee at that, but more about that in a moment) with educator, blogger and local food proponent Valerie Lugonja of The nature of our talk will appear in an upcoming issue of Vue Weekly, but to give you a hint of things to come, it was about Eat Alberta.

Eat Alberta is an upcoming, hands-on conference all about the appreciation and preparation of local food.  Its theme, "A celebration of our local food heroes," refers to the many local foodies that are donating their knowledge and time to this event. It takes place April 30th, 2011, and registration is filling up very quickly.  Sessions will include apple pie making, honey tasting, pasta making, methods for making coffee at promises to be an insightful day.

We indulged in frothy cappuccino at Credo Coffee. I recently wrote of Credo's raison d'etre for Vue, and spoke of Credo's deep-seeded desire to increase public accessibility to coffee itself - its origins, preparation and indescribably intricate flavour nuances. Coffee is so much more than "light roast" or "dark roast," and as proprietor Geoff Linden explained, thinking of coffee in those terms limits our perceptions to the roast itself, rather than of the beans' inherent flavour. Different varieties of coffee are as storied and varied as wine, which has a far broader public image in terms of flavour notes.

We savoured steaming cups of creamy cappuccino, each adorned with a delicate milk-froth leaf. I dunked an in-house made chocolate-chai biscotti in mine, marvelling at how the seemingly antipodal notes of chai and java worked together in a synergistic crescendo of sunny cocoa and earthy arabica. I sank into the comfy armchair, relishing the last sips of cappuccino, wishing the biscotti had lasted just a few seconds longer and not wanting to return to the raw, windswept sidewalk.

Above: cappuccino and a chocolate-chai biscotti, and the elaborate cappuccino artwork that adorn's Credo's walls.

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