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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Sweet [Krumblz] Dreams are Made of This

I recently wrote that cupcakes are the culinary celebrity du jour. It's true in Edmonton, and it is true in most North American cities. Indeed, Edmonton hosts a glut of bakeries specializing in cupcakes. Most are of above-average quality.  Anything that is overexposed, however, risks becoming banal, pedestrian, or predictable. Perhaps, as a result, I became jaded about cupcakes. Callingwood-area bakery Sweet Krumblz, run by the indefatigable Suzy Alcantara and Sheila Rai, changed my mind.

Sweet Krumblz offers no fewer than 14 cupcake flavours. I sampled 'Merry Cherry," which had cherries baked right into the chocolate batter. It was like a lilliputian Black Forest cake. I devoured "Coco Pinata" which wove the tropical flavours of pineapple and coconut into a airy, moist, edible vessel. I was blown away by "Blue Me Away," which featured blueberry icing studded with real blueberries. Never before have I seen blueberries in a cupcake. Well done.

Of note is Sweet Krumblz' icing. Unlike typical buttercream icings, theirs is whipped. The end product is cloud-like and ethereal, never overpowering the underlying cakes. I cannot look at creamed icings the same way again, now that I've sampled the wares of Sweet Krumblz. I had wrongfully dismissed cupcakes as the Paris Hilton of the baking world: overdone and famous just for being famous. Thank you, Sweet Krumblz, for changing my mind.

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