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Friday, 22 April 2011

Leva - Back to the Future

Leva Cafe-Bar has a distinct, retro-futuristic vibe.  Much like "The Jetsons." Or "Tomorrowland" at Disney World. In other words, a bit like how people in the late 1950s and 1960s imagined the future (i.e., now) would be. We aren't driving - no, flying - hovercars and we don't have anthropomorphic robot servants, but we can still visit this Garneau coffee shop for a very good cappuccino in a sleek, retro-futuristic setting.

Leva is characterized by clean lines of glass and metal set against a white backdrop. A menu beckons from a flat TV screen behind the counter.  An impressive assortment of espresso machines occupies the back of the dining room. Bright orange and silver chairs provide sitting space for numerous patrons, many of which fall victim to the temptation of gelato and baked goods found within the curved glass cooler.

Leva is but one of many Italian-style espresso bars in the 109 Street-University nexus.  They pull a damn fine cappuccino; all of their espresso-based beverages are made from Danesi coffee.  Biscotti, many of which are novel flavour combinations like apricot-white chocolate, are hefty, flavourful and amenable to coffee-dunking.   Leva is often forgotten in discussions of Edmonton pizza, but undeservedly so, for they produce superlative thin crust pizzas.  Leva possesses, in summation, the ideal retro:futuristic ratio, both in terms of ambiance and culinary aplomb.

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