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Thursday, 14 April 2011

Lux Steakhouse - The Customizable Carnivore

I have already written that I possess an antediluvian digital camera, and have already written that it has a propensity to fail at the most inopportune times. When it bit the dust at the Wildflower Grill, it held hostage my photos from a recent visit to Lux Steakhouse. I finally purchased some rechargeable batteries (feeling slightly less guilty about my overall environmental footprint) and retrieved my delicious snapshots, each a visual approximation of a riot of flavours.

We started with lobster poutine (a treat recently enjoyed by fellow blogger Marlow Moo). Never before have crustaceans so graciously shared a platter with the humble pommes de terre.  A bacon Hollandaise ups the ante of indulgence, and it is virtually impossible to stop noshing on this poutine before our mains arrive. We tuck into sizable steaks - a ribeye and a New York - each cooked to order and lolling seductively on the stark white china. Steaks may be customized by the addition of sauces; I add a peppercorn demi, which imparts a rich bite to each slice of steak. A side of blue cheese gnocchi could function as a stand-alone dish. The inherent pungency of the cheese is tamed and soothed by the pillowy gnocchi; they are quite exquisite alone or paired with a morsel of steak.

Dessert is a prerequisite, even though I'm thoroughly satiated. We dive - this time with hesitance borne out of overindulgence - into carrot cake with bourbon maple syrup and colossal chocolate cake. A sphere of chai ice cream sidles up to the carrot cake. It is a clever combination of warm spice and cold, smooth texture. The colossal chocolate cake...a pity the photo was too grainy to illustrate its mind-bending height...could feed a family of six. It is no fewer than six layers of chocolate cake resting upon a berry coulis. A few forkfuls are all we can muster. I am stuffed. Happily stuffed. Stuffed like a bear going into hibernation.

Here are the photos, freed from the camera at last...

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