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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Wildflower Grill - Wild Flowers Could Not Drag Me Away...

I make a concerted effort to dine with my camera at hand, but technology has a way of thwarting my pictorial efforts. My camera is a dinosaur in 'technology years' - isn't one calendar year equal to at least 10 'technology years'? If so, that would place my poor digital camera at about 60 years old. It's taken to dying at the most inopportune moments; most recently, it died at the gorgeous and hip Wildflower Grill.

We luxuriated in Wildflower's neo-Canadiana: warm wood hues, strategically placed prints of Calla lilies, ladyslippers and other wild flowers, and semi-private booths with faux chainmail dividers.  The menu is cleverly divided based on size: small bites, lighter fare, and mains. We gravitate to the lighter fare and select Fritto Misto, Braised Beef Shortrib and Mesquite Prawn Skewer with Ahi Tuna Tower.

Fritto Misto is a deft combination of lightly deep-fried mixed seafood (as the name suggests) served with a trio of sauces: tangy-smooth Meyer lemon aioli, a spicy green bean tartar, and a thin reddish sauce with hidden bite.  The beef shortrib is rich in aroma and flavour, and reclines upon a bed of smooth mashed potatoes.  It is an upscale, no nonsense twist on a Sunday dinner classic.  The mesquite prawn and tuna tower (pictured below) is a visual treat.  The spicy prawns disappear quickly and I am left to ogle the tower. The lower level is minced Ahi tuna.  Strata of tangy-sweet bruschetta jam and a crown of sweetly acidic pineapple complete this marvel.  The flavour combinations are unexpected and certainly not intuitive, but effortlessly work together.

Now if only my damned camera would work and I wouldn't have to resort to using my phone camera...

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