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Sunday, 29 May 2011

D'Amores Deli - The Italian Job

An ode to the humble sandwich: lunch box staple and hand-held sustenance that is the subject of endless permutations and incarnations.  A sandwich is, perhaps, the ultimate in custom cuisine.  Every component, from bread and veg to meat and cheese, may be swapped or omitted on a whim.  I profess that some of the best sandwiches in Edmonton are purveyed by D'Amores Deli.

D'Amores Deli occupies a generous corner lot on the north side.  The yard boasts a small patio with chairs when the weather is fleetingly pleasant.  The interior harkens to the long-gone era of corner stores, when small, family-run affairs filled the niche now occupied by warehouse-sized supermarkets.  One may peruse an admirable selection of canned tomatoes, dry pasta, olives, oils, coffee and frozen entrees created from family recipes.  The deli counter is a focal point and features a sweeping selection of quintessential Italian cold cuts and cheeses: piave vecchio, parmigiano-reggiano, soppressata etc.

Italian-style sandwiches are crafted from fresh, crusty buns and are stuffed with capocollo, mortadella, Genoa salami, provolone, and zesty vegetable spread.  A quick visit to the sandwich press transforms the cheese into a melty vehicle of ingredient unification and coaxes forth the cured meats' rich seasoning. Each bite commences with the yielding crunch of toasted bread, progresses through tender layers of cheese and meat, and ends as it began. The sandwiches alone are incentive enough for a trip to the north side of the Yellowhead, and the groceries/deli counter are a bonus.

A magical mystery tour of bread, melted cheese and cured meats awaits
A multitude of hand-held meals are featured
Old-school deli counter and grocery selection

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