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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Remedy Cafe - A Pound of Cure

I had the distinct pleasure of dining with Marlow Moo recently. For those of you who have not yet stumbled upon the clever musings of this learned bovine, Marlow is a small and very well dressed cow who dines in Edmonton (and occasionally travels abroad). On a fine spring day, where I dare say the threat of snow was nowhere to be seen, we lunched at the perennially popular Remedy Cafe.

Remedy occupies a treasured spot in the collective palates of those that frequent the Garneau-University area. It's a hang-out for university students of all faculties and countless others that work and recreate in this neighbourhood. The building itself was once a bowling alley, though its present decor and floor plan make it difficult to imagine what this must have looked like. Many come simply for the chai; the chai is the fodder of legend. No fewer than 32 distinct spices go into this beverage, and all are imported from India by owner Sohail Zaidi. The recipe is secret.

I order chai and samosas - a simple lunch with flavours of the Subcontinent. The chai is tremendously nuanced, with layers of flavour that swoon from warm to heady to alluring and back again. Each samosa is perfectly golden and crisp on the outside, and this golden shell easily parts to reveal a steaming interior of potatoes, peas and onions that sing of curry and fennel. Marlow tucks into crisp, honey-rich baklava and a refreshing iced coffee. I have yet to try the many cleverly-named cakes in Remedy's cooler. Next time, chai and cake are in order.

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