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Saturday, 14 May 2011

A photo is worth 1000 phrases of verbosity

I favour verbose description over photographic evidence of my dining adventures, but today I take the opposite stance: a visual tour through some infamous dishes on Corso 32's new menu.

Addendum: A photo is still worth 1000 bits of verbosity, but sometimes a bit of verbosity is worth its weight in clarity!

Coppa di testa with baguette and grainy dijon. An unctuously satisfying intersection of porcine flesh with toasted wheat and a goldenrod pop of mustard.
Testadura goat cheese with buckwheat honey and fresh pepper. A muted tang anointed with a sultry hint of a summer pasture.
Rabbit ravioli with chard and the merest hint of cheese. Thumper did not die in vain.
Ravioli with goat cheese and pine nuts. Crunch meets tender meets seductive smooth.
Zeppole: Italy's answer to fritters. A hot, sexy crunch with a gentle sugar snowfall.
Yes, it was my birthday...!

Pistachio and olive oil cake with blood orange and mascarpone. Another deft pairing of textures and flavours. The demure semi-tropical punch of citrus with the understated crunch of nuts. The rich whip of mascarpone married to the easy crumb of cake.


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