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Sunday, 3 July 2011

Bubble Buzz - What's the Buzz?

Bubble Buzz joins a growing suite of culinary concepts that have colonized 104th street. Bubble tea, the business's primary provision, has risen from relative obscurity in North America to occupy a cool (and bubbly) spot in our collective palate. Popularity is a double-edged sword, though; increasing popularity invariably generates subpar versions of said product. Bubble Buzz, however, comes as sweet redemption for those accustomed to powder-based teas.

A capacious roster of flavours includes the likes of watermelon, coconut, taro, mango, and many more. Of note is that no powder is employed and, rather, real fruit provides flavour. The usual style of "bubbles" are available, but far more interesting, both in concept and taste, are bursting mango bubbles. These sweet spheres burst when bitten, providing interjections of mango into their surroundings. The bubble tea itself is both the whole and sum of its parts: luscious, authentic fruit flavours dotted with the bubbles' textural and gustatory contrast.

Eggies are also on the menu. These are, essentially, Hong Kong-style waffles. The waffles irons are a bit otherworldly in appearance: silvery coils twist and snake out the backs of muted chrome, laterally compressed disks. The interior of the iron resembles a honeycomb.

The honeycomb-shaped iron renders each waffle into an easily-shared treat. Each section of waffle breaks off with each, thus facilitating waffle-sharing. As the name implies, the waffles are rich and sweet with egg and require no anointment of syrup. Here, waffles and bubble tea happily share quarters under the same roof and are a welcome addition to the downtown culinary community.

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