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Monday, 11 July 2011

Danilo's Italian Cafe - Who's The Boss?

In the words of Dubya (who I miss, in a strange way, for his unintentionally humourous verbal stumbles), I misunderestimated the staying power of a casual 1980s pop culture reference I made in a review of Danilo's Italian Cafe.  When I wrote the story, I was riding the tail-end of a nostalgia wave; this wave was comprised, primarily, of watching "Who's The Boss" reruns. I dined alone on a significantly cold December night in 2009, chatted with owner Pat Guercio, surreptitiously took notes on my meal, left, and that was that. It struck me, at the time, that his voice was reminiscent of Tony Danza's.

The hip yet laid-back vibe at Danilo's

Fast forward 17 months and I am enjoying a thin crust Toscano pizza that features proscuitto, cappicolo and salami. Each slice is a passionate and harmonious marriage of salty-sweet cured meats, milky cheese and sun-kissed tomatoes. The crust is gently crisp and just thick enough to cradle its judicious headdress of toppings. A robust, ruby red glass of Fontana di Papa imparts dry notes of rich, red fruits and goes down far too easily.

Pizza Toscano with a decanter of Fontana Di Papa

I approach the counter, ogling the pastries. Here is where I get the bright idea to reintroduce myself.

Me: I don't know if you remember me.
Pat: I don't remember what I did yesterday!
Me: I was in here in December '09 and I was the only one here. I ordered a pizza.
Pat: (with glimmer of recognition) Oh I do.
Me: I wanted to thank you again for the meal. I wrote it up as a review for Vue. I made that reference to Tony Danza.

Suddenly the tone of the conversation changes.

Pat: That was you?


Turns out Pat got teased for quite a while after that. I'm mostly sure the ribbing was good-natured, and we parted on a good note. I wish, in hindsight, that I'd said his voice was reminiscent of the lead singer in the band Amadeus...because, as it turns out, he is the lead singer. Check it out.

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