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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Drift Mobile Eatery - Brave New World

I am convinced that, up until rather recently, a snarled, bureaucratic gauntlet prevented Edmonton from housing a vibrant street food scene. I've heard other excuses ranging from pedestrian apathy to our notoriously inclement weather tossed about as potential explanations.  Really, though, miserable weather does not keep diners away from street food in New York or Montreal and who could possibly be apathetic about good food?

The metaphorical tide is slowly turning, and a small armada of food trucks now roams our streets. Early colonizers included Eva Sweet Waffles, Wanna Waffel, and Filistix (forgive me if I'm excluding others). Very recent additions include Molly's Eats, Nomad, and the subject of today's ramblings, Drift Mobile Eatery.

Just for the record, I've no idea who walked into my photo!

Drift officially commenced operations in late July and is generally parked on 108 Street, just south of Jasper Ave. The sandwich board (no pun intended) proclaims a startlingly creative roster of sandwiches, all of which feature local produce, meats and baking. Really now, how might one choose between a duck confit, back bacon-brie or pork belly sandwich?

It's a delicious dilemma. Swayed by the promise of supple back bacon and gooey brie, I place my order and patiently wait on the sidewalk. A small crowd does the same. Drift's method of service is simple: order at window number one, pay, wait, listen for your name to be called, pick up sandwich at window number two, and eat. Simplicity, creativity and convenience are but three beneficial aspects of street food.

There is nothing simple - not in the derogatory sense - about the back bacon-brie sandwich. A crusty, rectangular ciabatta bun hugs juicy pink slices of rich back bacon crowned by slowly melting, buttery brie, and a tender-crisp jumble of apples and cucumbers. It's a hearty creation that handily nullifies any pangs of hunger long into the afternoon. How heartening that our streets are slowly coming alive with food trucks. If Drift is a harbinger of things to come, then I can hardly wait for this Brave New World.

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