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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Niche - Lunch Time

Lunch. One of my three favourite meals of the day. I've dined at Niche so many times now and, up until several days ago, had never sampled their lunch menu. I caught word of a lunch-tasting that would include miniature versions of their new lunch menu, and it was an offer I couldn't refuse.

Sun Tea...a Bahamian cruise in a glass, for lack of a better descriptor

I dined again in the company of Marlow Moo, and we embarked on a travel-sized foray into Niche's lunch box. First up: a duet of sandwiches. Duck confit open face presents a dark brown morsel of quack with snowy queso fresco, bacon and anchiote aioli. It's rather juicy, though the duck is uncharacteristically subdued. Ham and cheese is a Gallic twist on a childhood favourite that presents French-style jambon au torchon, emmental cheese, tomato and arugula on a tiny crostini. Genius.

Good thing Marlow isn't driving

A shooter of vichyssoise arrives next. Its chalky hue gives no indication as to its flavour, but a sip reveals a riot of rich potato, roasted corn and savoury leeks. The tray of vichyssoise winds up at our table multiple - inexplicable - times. Baconhound takes more than a few for the team. Good thing he isn't driving.

A marriage orchestrated by the gods

Another sandwich presents smoked pork belly with white bean puree, braised bacon and fig reduction. Pork belly is a celebrity du jour and I, for one, bask in its brilliance. Each bite simply sings with rich meat and tangy figs.

Travel-sized for your convenience

Dessert is, naturally, the salted caramel brownie with lemon creme. I've described it many times before and so I will simply say, "My precious."


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