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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Cafe Haven - Haven-ly Creatures

Coffee and cinnamon. These alliterative favourites would be part of my last meal, if (a) capital punishment still existed in this country and (b) I somehow found myself in such a situation (though I must admit I had several such nightmares after watching "The Green Mile"). But I digress.

Sherwood Park is yet a mystery to me, since I've seen only its periphery. Like most cities, its nether regions are colonized by franchised businesses. If one ventures from the periphery to the center, though, a handful of creative, locally owned restaurants emerge. Cafe Haven is easily one of the best.

The long room meanders from an open kitchen at the front to a slightly cavernous, intriguing posterior that boasts a giant (presumably former) bank vault. The door is permanently open to prevent any claustrophobic mishaps.

Down to business now: coffee and a cinnamon bun. My espresso is decidedly assertive - it commands attention but does so without being domineering. The cinnamon bun's size is humbling and one taste is a magical mystery tour of cinnamon, brown sugar, tender dough and rich creamery butter. It's difficult to balance fluffy bun with the cinnamon-brown sugar sauce's rich viscosity, but Cafe Haven's buns make this feat seem easy. A Haven-ly creatures.

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