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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Mirabelle Macarons - Sweet things in small packages

I forgot to bring a notepad with me when fellow cyberfoodies Marlow Moo, Beyond Umami, The Infinite Yums, and Food, Foodball & A Baby and I converged upon a south side coffee shop to meet Connie, the brains and brawn behind Mirabelle Macarons. I forgot my notepad and attempted to jot down the names of each macaron on the back of a crumpled receipt that was stuck in my jacket pocket. Nice.

A carrot cake pop...good for the eyesight as well as for the psyche.

Before I delve into the universe of small, colourful cookies, I will touch upon the subject of cake pops. Please refer to a recent blog post by The Infinite Yums about said pops; I propose that lollypops, popsicles, or any other stick-based sweet will never compare to these treats that please in both the aesthetic and gustatory sense.

A treasure chest of macarons

So what on earth is a macaron? It isn't anything like the coconut macaroons with which most are familiar. To quote Connie, it is an "almond cookie characterized by smooth shells with ruffled 'feet,' and a flavoured filling in urge to eat another one will likely follow." I concur.

A salted caramel macaron. Never before have salt and sugar so happily coexisted.

I'm trying to read my chicken scratch handwriting on the back of the rumpled receipt that, after somehow making it home, went missing in my office for several weeks. My magical mystery tour of macarons ranged from the subtle, like green tea and rose, to the assertive, like salted caramel and hazelnut chocolate, to the exotic and enigmatic, like chai and black currant. Each easily balanced a divinely crisp interior with a chewy interior that cradled gorgeous and not at all phony flavours. I'm struggling to pick a favourite - a testament to Connie's mastery of the art of macarons.


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