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Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

Gratitude. To feel gratitude is to be fulfilled and satiated, but also to sit back and marvel at the circumstances that precipitated that feeling. I've never been one to send Christmas letters (or write Christmas blog posts...though I must profess that this is Dine & Write's first Christmas, since I commenced writing this blog in March), but so much has happened during the last year that I was compelled to regale my tale.

I've made such singularly wonderful friends through the world of food. Any oversights herein are unintentional, but special shout-outs to Marlow Moo, The Infinite Yums, Blue Butterfly, Weird, Wild and Wonderful, Food Karma, Baconhound, A Canadian Foodie, and Food, Football and a Baby. Your culinary prowess, turns of phrase and companionship have greatly enriched my existence and enlivened my dining adventures across the city.

Why on earth am I posing with the heating cabinet? A scene from the Calzone Co.'s first anniversary party in November.

Writing for Vue Weekly led me Battista's Calzone Company. Long story short: interviewed Battista for Vue, became a regular customer, baked biscotti for Taste 118, and became half-owner. Since then (and "then" being early June 2011), we've expanded the menu, added interior and exterior artwork, hosted private functions, a first anniversary party, a Christmas party, and purchased a food truck (calzones to the people!). We're aiming to have the Calzonemobile on the road in May 2012.

The beginnings of our word cloud...nothing like standing on a rickety ladder and drawing on a wall!

I return to gratitude, since Christmas is a season of reflection for me. I am grateful for the people I've met. I can hardly wait for 2012.


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