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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Cafe Tiramisu - You Raise Me Up... I can stand on mountains!

Well, a good espresso always raises me up and Cafe Tiramisu pulls a mighty fine espresso. They even roast their own beans, so I cannot draw a legitimate comparison between their espresso and that of others.

Cafe Tiramisu occupies a sunlit space on quirky 124th Street and gracefully melds a cafe atmosphere with a yoga studio and a play area for children. I do not speak as a parent, but am deeply impressed at how beautifully children's needs are incorporated into this space. Far too often, dining establishments (unintentionally or otherwise) have surroundings most unwelcome to these smallest of patrons.

Our dining commences with a bowl of piping hot minestrone soup. It is riddled with beans and other veggies, and handily chases away the vestiges of winter cold that have attached themselves to our socks and ears. A toasted slice of focaccia bread is an agreeable complement to this dish.

I nosh on Pizza Calabrese, which is a "white pizza" (i.e., no tomato sauce) covered with cheese, proscuitto, and fresh arugula. I am satiated after several slices, for even though the crust is thin, the rich toppings are fragrant and filling. The remaining slices reheat beautifully for supper. I am not convinced, however, that these ingredients are indicative of Calabria (and, foolishly, do not think to ask my dining companion of Calabrian extraction).

Co-diner digs into Pasta al Pesto. We both agree that the pasta is done nicely al dente, but that the dish must be served at a much hotter temperature. The pesto flavour is fresh but could stand to be a few notches more vibrant. The scatter of whole pine nuts provides a welcome textural surprise. We are, overall, impressed with Cafe Tiramisu's food and atmosphere. I am too full to order its eponymous dessert and look forward to a subsequent visit.

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