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Monday, 27 February 2012

Press'd - Food Court Salvation

My rule of thumb for dining out is: if I can make it at home, I do not dine out for it. Really, it isn't very exciting to go out for lasagna (for example) if one makes a wicked killer awesome lasagna at home. Now, I love a good sandwich and, at the risk of sounding pompous, like to think I make a fairly decent one. However, if one abides too strictly to this aforementioned rule, one misses out on some pretty tasty things, even if one makes them at home. Case in point, Press'd The Sandwich Company.

I've walked by Press'd in the basement food court of City Centre Mall on numerous occasions. I finally, finally sampled their fare in the form of a "Golden Bear" (named so because the proprietors of this cafe are U of A Golden Bear alumni and a sports road trip ignited their love of good sandwiches). I dig into smoked chicken blanketed in gooey baked brie, a smattering of roasted apples, fresh leaves of spinach, and tangy fig jam. The chicken is ample, though the apples are unevenly distributed so one does not get a bite of fruit in each mouthful. The brie and fig jam make this sandwich special and provide a nifty tug of war of rich versus zesty.

Press'd is certainly a high point of this food court. My conclusions are limited at this point, since a basic tenet of science is that one cannot drawn broad conclusions based on a single sample, but I was pleased enough to anticipate future visits, even if I like making sandwiches at home. Press'd - The Sandwich Company on Urbanspoon


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