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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Cora - May the Sun Shine

("May the Sun Shine" is a very awesome song by the very awesome band Nazareth, if you are wondering. There is a smiling sun in Cora's logo and, hence, the connection.)

But now, musical diversions aside, to the matter at hand: breakfast at Cora's. I've heard many polarizing opinions of Cora, the Canadian breakfast juggernaut that originated in Quebec a number of years ago. Cora is known for its generous servings of fruit that accompany most of its dishes, and I've heard complaints that "all you are paying for is a heap of fruit cut in fancy pieces" to accolades that promise "the huge heap of fruit is a treat." I implore you, as I would with any restaurant, to decide for yourself.

We find ourselves in the mess of roadways and shiny franchises known as Mayfield and stop at Cora for breakfast. First up, Maple Crespelles. Crespelles are, judging by appearance, large and folded crepes of Quebecois or French origin. The waitress suggests to have the maple butter on the side instead of slathered between the crepe layers; this is a suggestion well worth heeding, as the maple butter is diabetes-inducing sweet (but goes oh so nicely on the crispy bacon). The crespelles are decently tender but a bit flavourless on their own. Bacon and maple butter are needed to bring them alive. A smattering of fruit (including a slice of cantaloupe, which I absolutely despise) ride shotgun. The fruit is ripe and nicely offsets the crespelles' richness.

We also dig in to Eggs Benedict. The eggs are properly runny and their subfloor of English muffins nicely sops up their drippings. An eye-popping fruit arrangement is both daunting and visually delectable. Pears, pineapple, bananas, strawberries and a complex tower of carved apple slices seem too pretty to disassemble. I wonder how many of those apple towers they have to carve and assemble per day. I'm secretly glad that is not my job.

And so, our meal concludes with the agreement that Cora, while a bit pricey, is indeed a tasty breakfast that implores one to consume at least half their daily recommended allotment of fruit. As with any restaurant, Cora has both lovers and haters. The haters seem be hatin' on the fruit. Don't be hatin' on the fruit. Fruit is good for you.

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