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Thursday, 30 August 2012

...And The Quality of Mercer is Not Strained

I've lamented the slow and often painful deaths of Edmonton's historical buildings. These statuesque edifices have not deserved their fates of demolition and arson; such a pity that less of their grandeur graces downtown. And yet some have died and risen from the metaphorical ashes. Case in point: the Mercer Building.

Several businesses have taken up residence in the Mercer Building, including the likes of Roast Coffeehouse, and the Mercer Tavern. I cruise to the Mercer with Theinfiniteyums on a deplorably rainy evening that is punctuated with bathroom trips to line our shoes with paper towels. Ah, Edmonton. Your capricious weather never fails to bemuse me.

I dive into a Mint Julep; the assertive beverage arrives in a chilled metal vesicle that quickly gathers airborne moisture to form a protective coat of frost. A crown of ice sports a sprig of mint like a jaunty plume. An undertow of bourbon makes its oaky presence known.

We desire soft pretzels but are informed that the kitchen has just depleted their stock and, in addition, the pretzel-making process necessitates a significant wait time until the successive batch is ready. Instead, we dig into several plates of sliders - bison and turkey. The bison sliders are juicy, tender, and (mercifully) not overdone as burgers are wont to be done. The turkey sliders are texturally more interesting, as a crispy cap of slaw completes each tiny bite. The buns are somewhat of a weak link; though they are billed as brioche buns, their texture is insipid. A decent shot of fries accompanies each plate. They are hot and crispy, but would benefit from some creative spicing.

Grubwise, the Mercer Tavern is a safe bet for some tasty pub grub. The stunning warehouse interior is a bonus. Just don't go during a torrential rainstorm. 

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