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Friday, 24 August 2012

Culina Mill Creek - [Almost] Up the Creek

Brunch is, without a doubt, the best "in between" meal. (Much more so than lupper. Or smunch. Or deckfast.) It comprises a typically decadent realm of eggy, creamy, and toasty dishes that satisfy a deep yen for mid-morning satiety. I brunched at Culina Mill Creek with Marlow Moo on a scorching summer day and embarked on a brunch journey that meandered from delectable to...well....up the creek.

I commence with an nicely-pulled espresso. Though I do not know their bean of choice, this espresso is velvety rich and delicately sweet. No sugar is necessary (and shouldn't be, for a good espresso).

We progress to corn bread with Saskatoon berry butter and revel in the bread's pleasing, fragrant crumb and the spread's voluptuous interplay of butterfat and shreds of berry. Well played, Culina.

Moo's meal of Eggs Benedict stays on the correct end of the "richness" spectrum, with respect to the glamourously golden Hollandaise sauce. The eggs are properly runny and a crispy shot of spuds rides shotgun.

Things seem to be going swimmingly, but my Eggs on Toast take a sharp turn and speed up the creek in a manner most perplexing. Judging by appearance alone, the dish is attractive: two farm-raised eggs resting in a mantle of mushroom sauce. A quartet of sweet potato toast waits to be anointed with yolk and sauce. A knife's prod reveals, however, that the eggs are baked to the point of being rubbery. The yolks are rock hard. The mushroom sauce is reduced to a gluey consistency. The only way these eggs will end up on toast is if I chop them into little bits and pile them on with a fork. It's a sharp contrast to the previous components of this meal. Loved the espresso and revelled in the berries and cornbread. Pity that the eggs on toast were up the creek.

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