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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Absolutely Edibles - That 90's Show

I was never a fan of the quintessentially 90's sitcom "Friends," but I do vaguely recall a penchant for overstuffed furniture and oversized plates at "Central Perk." I do not think the 90's were a particularly cool decade - I'll take Duran Duran over the Backstreet Boys any day - but something about that decade's decor resonates within Absolutely Edibles, a compact boite on 118 Ave. (Let me add - that is not a bad thing either)

We stride in for brunch and are greeting by a dark room dominated by cultured stone, overstuffed couch-style benches, and oversized plates. We order two double espressos, but are informed that the kitchen makes them using a Tassimo machine. I'm jonesing for my java, so I decide to give them a try. Comparing a Tassimo-made espresso to the real deal would be akin to strapping an antler on a mixed-breed dog and calling it a reindeer. In other words, no comparison. I found the espresso watered-down and insipid. One doesn't have to be a barista to make a good espresso using a stove-top Bialetti contraption.

Nonetheless, we progress to plates of brunchable food. I dig into Peach Pecan Waffles. They come with affable sides of home fries and fruit. The waffles themselves are tender-crisp, but are smothered by a chokehold of maple pecan creme.  While pleasing to the eye, the creme is so rich that I must scrape most of it off to enjoy the underlying waffles.

Sweet redemption arrives as "Heaven in a Bowl." This generous platter showcases a bed of home fries topped with scrambled eggs, oodles of cheese, savoury breakfast sausage crumbles, and a crown of corn-chipotle-black bean salsa. I cannot help but steal multiple forkfuls of this creation. The interplay of flavours and textures is remarkable.  We leave, feeling quite overstuffed ourselves, with the strange urge to go and watch "Seinfeld."

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