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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Baby Got Makk - A New Addition to 124 Street

It is an exciting time to be alive in Edmonton right now. In a city so deeply rooted with franchised restaurants, it is thrilling to see a good dose of locally-owned eateries germinate and flourish. A disproportionate number of said eateries are making their mark on exponentially-growing-in-the-cool-factor 124 Street. The Makk, which occupies the digs of now-defunct D'Lish, is one of the newest.

The Makk's interior vibe is quasi-industrial shabby-chic and is awash in natural light from multiple, large windows. The Infinite Yums and I settle in for a Sunday brunch (though it must be added that brunch is not their only mean. Not in the least.). A cocktail dyad starts off the afternoon, and includes an unpretentiously fragrant Cinnamon Mint Julep and a decently potent John Collins - the latter being a citrusy half-brother to the better-known Tom Collins.

A colourful interpretation of Eggs Benedict features a plump pair of prawns, a delicately sweet lobster tail and earthy spinach. Appropriately demure potato blini are correct to defer the spotlight to their plate mates. A delightfully runny pair of poached eggs are caressed but not choked by rich Hollandaise sauce.

An orb of frittata is generously laced with fennel-scented Italian sausage, green onions and tomatoes. The menu bills these tomatoes as "Cheery" as opposed to "Cherry" tomatoes. We can only guess that the menu's description of this dish is either an intentional tongue-in-cheek in-joke or an unintentional spelling error. Nothing wrong with that either. I, for one, am happy if my tomatoes are happy to see me. The frittata itself is well-textured and aromatic. The spelling misstep is half the fun.

The Makk thoroughbred is just barely out of the gate. If our brunch is any indication of things to come, this spot will be one to watch in upcoming months. I'm just coming down off the high achieved by Andrew Fung's Nineteen grand opening last week too. What an age to be alive.

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