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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Cold Comfort - Part One

I woke up this morning with the beginnings of a cold - that blurry, snotty, nasty feeling that creeps under the covers and taints what had started out as a restful night. This happenstance just so happened to coincide with my opportunity to meet Chef Corbin Tomaszeski, taste some homemade chicken and dumpling soup, and check out some new Excel lozenges.

Now, who would consider it a stroke of luck to wake up with a cold? If it happens on a day for soup and lozenges, this is indeed a good thing.  For those of you who do not know Chef Tomaszeski, he is the Alberta-born, NAIT-trained chef known for his involvement with Food Network shows Dinner Party Wars and Restaurant Makeover.

Cheers to that!

Chef Corbin has also partnered with Wrigley to promote Excel Lozenges; in his words, "it made sense to partner with this product and company because of the philosophy of comfort." Chef Corbin is touring around major Canadian cities to promote the new lozenges and states, "When I get sick, my 'winter survival' kit consists of an electric blanket, tissues, the remote control, hot soup and lozenges." He is more than happy to exclusively use Excel lozenges in his survival kit and explains, "They don't taste too much like candy and are not overly medicinal. In addition, they contain eucalyptus, vitamin C and menthol, all of which are good for sniffles and coughs. There are three flavours - honey lemon, menthol, and cranberry-blueberry." The latter stands out as an especially tasty flavour, for the sweetness of blueberries plays off the tartness of cranberries. I also partook in a flask of Chef Corbin's chicken and dumpling soup. This hearty blend features tender chunks of chicken, red pepper, cilantro, spuds, onions and plump dumplings. This is, without a doubt, the tastiest chicken soup I have ever tasted. The flask was empty too soon. Certainly, a remedy for any cold. I feel better already.

Stay Tuned....Part II, my Q & A with Chef Corbin, will follow within the next 24 hours.

Disclaimer: I did not receive monetary compensation to mention Excel lozenges on Dine & Write, but instead was invited to a press event for the product. Any opinions stated on Dine & Write are my own.


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