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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

If the world does end, these should go with it.

I highly doubt that the world is going to end on Friday. But if it does, here are a few things that I will not be sorry to see fall into the raging disco inferno.

Things I Hope Do Not Cross Over Into 2013

Bacon.  Ok, I said it. This whole "bacon makes everything better" mantra has been done to death. Bacon jam. Bacon marmalade. Bacon brownies. Bacon flavoured bacon. Such ennui I feel. Don't get me wrong; I do like bacon. I think the culinary world needs to give its head a shake, though, for infusing something with bacon does not confer to it magical properties.

Red Velvet Cake. What is this even supposed to taste like? It's a colour, and not a flavour. The colour comes from food colouring. Get thee back to the Deep South where you belong.

Pulled Pork. One the one hand, this was a good thing. Pulled pork is pretty damn delicious. But you know when the fast food chains jump on the bandwagon that it has "jumped the shark." Harvey's has a pulled pork burger. Subway has a pulled pork sub. And I rest my case. Time for this one exit stage left. BBQ brisket, anyone?

Cupcakes. I think I called them "the Paris Hilton of the dessert world." Famous merely for being famous. I do not have an inherent dislike for these small sweets; to the contrary, I rather enjoy them. The problem is, though, that too many bakeries have tried to capitalize on this trend and the results have been woefully inadequate.

Ahi Tuna. It seems as though this one has been on the menu for too many years. I will be the first to concede that it is very delicious. And the name is cool too. But so many commercial fisheries are far from sustainable and my biologist side is more than a little worried. For that matter, I wish that only sustainably fished piscine species graced restaurant menus.

I am sure that there are other things too.... It is tempting to traipse down the road of rants, but I will keep this succinct. Let's hope that 2013 brings us more food trucks, more small locally-owned restaurants like Corso and Tres Carnales, and some exciting new food trends.


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