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Saturday, 8 December 2012

Which place? T.H.I.S. Place.

I sense a "Who's on First" joke here.

To which place am I referring? (Never end a sentence with a preposition. Oops. That was my inside voice slipping out.)

T.H.I.S. Place. It is the brainchild of the creative and insightful family behind Lan's Asian Grill, which may very well be my favourite Asian spot in the City of Champions. Their new endeavour, however, is an urban-industrial-meets-serene-oasis boite that boasts gourmet tea, coffee and - thank heavens - hot chocolate...the likes of which Edmonton has never before seen.

T.H.I.S (To be Happy Is Simple) Place is a quick jaunt around the corner from MacEwan University and should indubitably be one's go-to spot for hot chocolate. Canadians are woefully accustomed to drinking hot chocolate that is little more than reconstituted powder. European-style hot chocolate, by comparison, is much thicker and richer and is sometimes referred to as "drinking chocolate." One should expect the latter at T.H.I.S Place. The welcome paucity of powders means that each hot chocolate is a liquified concoction of real chocolate, milk and spices.

Marlow Moo and I drop in for the grand opening of T.H.I.S. Place and dive into two hefty, steaming mugs of hot chocolate. Moo's is grandly bittersweet dark chocolate and reminds me of a gorgeous bar of deep, dark chocolate that has magically changed state from solid to liquid. My gingerbread hot chocolate is a subtle and satisfying brew of warm spices that languidly share quarters with rich chocolate and gentle dairy. I receive a generous square of spicy chocolate replete with instructions for how to brew this beverage at home. Sadly, the square doesn't survive the night. I will simply have to return to T.H.I.S. Place to try spicy hot chocolate in its proper liquid state.

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