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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Blossoms Cafe - A New Era

It would seem that the Whyte Ave Era has passed. So many small spots - food and otherwise - have been chased out by high rents and have been replaced by franchises. It's a pity. It wasn't that long ago that the Avenue of Whyte was the city's go-to spot to be cool. But, all empires must end and history dictates that each must be replaced by a new one. I propose that 124 Street has handily assumed the reigns of Edmonton's empire of coolness.

Blossoms Cafe is a relatively recent addition to 124 Street, and melds the concepts of breakfast-lunch cafe and fresh fruit arrangements studio. This bright and open space would benefit from a soundtrack other than a top-40 radio station (which is a huge pet peeve of mine), but is home to unbelievably personable staff. Blossoms' menu features a host of breakfast items, plus soup and sandwiches for the lunch crowd. I enjoy a remarkable waffle that properly addresses the crispy-fluffy quotient that all good waffles are meant to have. A colourful crown of fresh fruit is, quite literally, the icing on the cake.

A ham and cheddar omelet is a bit disappointing. The entire thing is chewy and not at all a representation of the airy entity an omelet should be.

Nonetheless, I'm fond of Blossoms' cheerful space and am especially impressed with their fruit arrangements - the sort that are cut to look like flowers. It would seem that every time one moseys down 124 Street a new installment of "cool" has appeared. While Blossoms has room to grow in terms of some of their breakfast items, it is yet another welcome addition of Edmonton's new empire of coolness and culture.

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