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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Complaining is fun, but....

It is fun to complain about food. However, it is the responsibility of a food writer, to quote my hero James Chatto, to provide constructive criticism rather than just rake something across the coals when it contradicts one's innately subjective palate. I recently penned a list of things that I wished would vanish with the dying breaths of 2012. In the interest of being constructive, I have also composed a brief roster of things that I wish would flourish.

- A nose-to-tail dinner. Though Edmonton's dining landscape has evolved considerably over the past three years, our meat-and-potatoes roots still hold. We need to shake that off and an adventurous chef must answer this Bat-Signal in the sky and make it happen.

- Honest-to-goodness wood-fired pizza. Famoso does a decent job with its thin-crust pizza, but their rotating gas-fired oven can be rather inconsistent. The Italian Centre started making thin-crust pizza and uses an electric oven. I've heard that Da Capo is installing one and my fingers are crossed that it will not be a wood-gas hybrid. Bring on the wood!

- BBQ beef brisket. That much of the world's perception of Alberta is that of cowboys and cattle herds is no coincidence. We have some pretty damn fine cowflesh here. Enough with the pulled pork already and let's see some BBQ beef brisket.

- An over-the-top French restaurant. Edmonton cries out for a no-holds-barred gastronomic experience like one might find in Paris. Normand's and now-closed Bistro La Persaud dabble in the French culinary tradition, but someone needs to revive French fine dining in this city and run with it.

- Danish hotdogs. These things are everywhere in Denmark and no North American dog can touch them in terms of flavour and fun-factor. They are part of my quasi-national identity. Get thee to Edmonton.

- Food trucks. We need more of them. End of story.


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