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Friday, 1 February 2013

Dallas Pizza - True Patriot Love

Purists will contend that the only true pizza is Neopolitan pizza: thin and crisp with just a few toppings. Purists will bemoan that this genetic stock spawned mutants with hotdog-stuffed crusts and other freaks of nature. Indeed, those that adhere to the ultra-orthodox dogma of pizza will believe that the Chicago deep-dish or the Hawaiian are false idols not to be worshiped. Acknowledging the roots of an insanely popular dish is well and good, but ruling out all but the purest of pizzas means missing out some damn fine Canadian-style pizza.

Canadian-style pizza features a thick, bready crust crowned with a plethora of toppings that should complement - but never overshadow - its base. The best Canadian pizza in this city may very well be found at Dallas Pizza. This family-run eatery is right in the heart of the comfy Forest Heights neighbourhood, and features a down-home ambiance right out of a small town.

Their menu features a roster of Canadian favourites, including pepperoni, ham and fresh tomato, ham and pineapple, and deluxe, to name a few. The kitchen is accommodating, and will gladly make your a pie that is half one flavour and half a different flavour. After much deliberation, I try half ham and tomato and half shrimp and mushroom. This creation features a fragrant crust that balances a crisp exterior with a tender interior. Though the tomato slices could be riper, the ham underneath is pleasantly smoky. The kitchen does not skimp on the shrimp, and nary a mouthful is to be found that does not contain at least several of these desirable crustaceans. The mushrooms add a savoury counterpoint, and a thick blanket of cheese is stretchy and mild. I will not argue that Naples is the natal cradle of authentic pizza, but this, my friends is true patriot love in pizza form.

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