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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Sandwiches with a side of Skyline

It is indeed great fun to visit a restaurant and absorb its multifarious feast for the senses. It is equally refreshing to take a food item "to go" and consume it later in one's choice of venue. The Italian Bakery - one of Edmonton's original family-owned bakeries, I might add - has a location in Abbotsfield that is but a short drive (or brisk walk) from one of the city's most spectacular (and often overlooked) vistas.

The Bakery itself has a small grocery store replete with dried pasta, a well-stocked deli, and many family portraits on the walls. Take a number and order their traditional Italian sandwich. This behemoth is stuffed with provolone and an admirable assortment of cold cuts. One can eat it near the front windows, at any number of small tables, and watch the bakery's goings-on, but it's even nicer to wander down to the riverbank.

There is a particular bend in the road that permits an almost-bird's eye view of the city skyline. It seems, almost, like a far away land. An exploratory nibble of the sandwich reveals layers of cured meats - proscuitto, capocollo, and salami - that joyfully rest under a blanket of creamy cheese. Flakes of fresh bread scatter with each subsequent bite. I only wish that a smear of olive oil, preferably infused with basil, were present to impart additional moisture to this creation. A bottle of Orangina nicely washes things down instead. The humbling view of trees, snow, the river, and Edmonton's edifices, all bathed in late winter's light, is the perfect dining companion.

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