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Saturday, 11 May 2013

Amato Gelato - Love, Italian Style

Gelato is the Sophia Loren of desserts: beguiling, delicious and positively swoon-worthy. One needn't look far in Edmonton to flirt with this most divine of edible Italian creations, but an especially noteworthy gelato repository is squirreled away in the far reaches of Lewis Estates.

Indeed, Amato Gelato, the first Edmonton location of a Vancouver-based chain houses a Jetson-esque cooler that is so aerodynamic one can practically envision air currents curving lithely around it. Several dozen varieties of gelato and sorbetto wink and beckon; decisions prove to be difficult, though owner Barb graciously ascribes to the "try before you buy" philosophy.

Two whopping scoops of Cafe Caramel Macchiato and Caramel Lava Cake are sinfully creamy. The former is a sublime, golden snowball that whispers of a well-pulled espresso macchiato savoured on an outdoor patio near a piazza, while whispers of caramel linger like auburn fingers of light that lazily drift through half-open blinds. Caramal Lava Cake is a vanilla matrix studded with fudgy cake bits and addition hits of caramel. Far less nuanced than its predecessor, Lava Cake nonetheless satisfies with giddy flashbacks to spoonfuls of cake batter purloined during childhood. Additional samples of Rum Raisin and Chocolate Grand Marnier prove that boozy gelato is happy gelato, though this effect was more challenging to detect with the Grand Marnier.

Amato Gelato also serves espresso-based beverages and panini, though my hunch is that these items are second fiddle to the scene-stealing gelato. And for good reason - few can steal the spotlight from Sophia Loren.

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