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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Not Asleep at the Swich

Food trucks in Edmonton are sandwich-skewed. The overwhelming majority of these exceeds, in terms of quality, the sandwich offerings of many brick-and-mortar restaurants. The downside, however, is for emerging trucks that do specialize in sandwiches to find an original angle on these ubiquitous victuals - an angle that doesn't overlap or intersect with extant sandwiches.

Swich endeavours to accomplish just that: original and creative sandwiches. This neophyte food trailer currently does a lunch service that alternates between the north side Royal Alexandra Hospital, and the south side U of A Clinic. The graffiti-inspired artwork is hard to miss and bespeaks creative minds behind this concept.

Several savoury sandwiches and a duo of ice cream sandwiches grace the menu upon this lunch hour. Mortadella on a baguette features a complementary duality of buttery meat and crusty bread. It is a pity that mortadella isn't showcased more often, for this Italian creation is nuanced but never overbearing.

Green Curry Chicken on a pretzel roll is decent, though the roll is the stronger partner. The chicken is deli-style and, consequently, lacks the rich texture of roasted fowl. Green curry hints of coconut milk and exotic spices, but its presence needs to be amplified. The roll is gorgeous: chewy and tender, salty and sweet.

A chocolate-cherry ice cream sandwich is a frosty handful of nostalgia. Ruby-red crescents of black cherries mingle with dark chocolate nibs between two fudgy chocolate-laced wafers. Swich's 'wiches are indeed quite different from the existing plethora of bread-based lunch items. The ice cream sandwiches in particular are proof that this Swich is on.

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