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Sunday, 23 June 2013

The Patty Wagon - Eye of the Tiger

Hamburgers, as they necessitate no cutlery or utensils apart from hands and teeth, are the ideal street food. And yet, prior to The Patty Wagon's inaugural lunch service in downtown Edmonton, only one other food truck dished out burgers. (The Act Out & About, if you're wondering). It is indeed a point to ponder; fast food burger joints hold fast in every neighbourhood and, say what you like about fast food in general, burgers are a go-to quick-dining item.

Why, then, have so few food trucks made burgers? The reason, perhaps, lies in the assumption that food purveyed out the window of a truck - no matter how preposterous that sounds - ought to be of a significantly higher calibre than that which is shilled by clowns or talking chihuahuas.

Two burgers off The Wagon's cleverly named menu quickly prove worthy of adulation. The Dirty Sock is lavished with creamy blue cheese, though an overly generous layer of lettuce requires thinning to facilitate proper bite stance. Auburn hoops of caramelized onion and grilled red peppers loll about on a very juicy beef patty. Chicken and lamb patties are also available.

That's a Fun-Guy, pun notwithstanding (but appreciated), is a far, far cry from the mushroom-soup-adorned mushroom burgers of yore. No, this worthy patty is overflowing with sauteed mushrooms that play leapfrog with each other in a sweetly pungent pool of Swiss cheese. Beef, again, is the desired medium for this interplay of cheese and fungi, and 'tis a burger that will warrant many future visits.

Although The Patty Wagon is the new kid in town, truck-wise, their burgers are creative in both name and composition. Why, then, do so few trucks do burgers? The answer is obvious: the competition is fierce. Eye of the Tiger fierce.

I might add that The Patty Wagon was part of Eden's Market on 124's grand opening on June 23. Lion dancers, homemade marshmallows, Josh Classen, and balloon animals were just part of a very fantastic and lively day. This market is on every Sunday from now until October. I highly recommend visiting.


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