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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Smashburger - The Chicken and the Egg

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? What happens if they arrive together on the same sandwich? This universal conundrum may remain unresolved, but the latter confirms that they comprise a mighty fine meal - one that may be found at newly-opened Smashburger in Sherwood Park. This American chain literally "smashes" burgers to order; in other words, a large sphere of ground beef is smashed with gusto onto a hot grill, and this procedure renders the burger's exterior gorgeously caramelized and the interior perfectly juicy.

But what of chicken and eggs? The Edmonton Smashchicken Sandwich features a large grilled breast of chicken topped with cheddar, caramelized onions and - yes - a fried egg. How happily these compatriots coexist inside a pillowy roll. The chicken and egg are so large that they dwarf the bun, and many bites are needed before the bun is part of the equation. The juicy chicken, melted cheese, sweet onions, and crispy-creamy egg are quite delectable.

The Bacon and Cheeseburger is laced with tangy-sweet barbecue sauce and crispy onions. Bacon imparts notes of smoke and maple without being greasy. The patty itself is a testament to Smashburger's signature cooking method: juicy all the way through with the right degree of crispness on the exterior. Sweet potato fries are crunchy but would benefit from a few shakes of cayenne or even some lime zest. Smashfries, on the other hand, are ludicrously addicting, as they are laced with rosemary and garlic.

A Saskatoon Berry Shake is nostalgia in a cup. No phony syrups or gelatinous textures besmirch this shake. Rather, macerated berries loll with understated vanilla and conjure up memories of Saskatoon berry picking on hot Saskatchewan summer afternoons. The shake was so thick that the average-sized straw was insufficient; a spoon was warranted.

Though the chicken-egg quandary can never been resolved, confirmed, or rejected, one irrefutable fact of the universe remains. They make a damn fine sandwich and often arrive in the company of smashingly good hamburgers.

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