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Thursday, 11 July 2013

Street Eats - Dancing in the Street

Downtown Edmonton, quite literally and within a relatively short time span, has metamorphosed into a food truck hub. The streets veritably hum with food trucks that touch down in the morning and depart as the day wears on, much in the manner of migratory birds that make daily forays from the safety of their roosts to the bounty of their urban foraging grounds.

(Forgive the photo - flip phones take dreadful pictures) One may amble through a quadrant bounded by 105 street to 109th, Jasper south to 99th, and happen upon a good half-dozen trucks. What an age to be alive - and now, newly-hatched Street Eats joins this flock.

Comfort food comprises the manifesto of Street Eats: think grilled cheese sandwiches and pulled pork. Or think of them in the same sandwich. Though I've bemoaned the overblown (and not necessarily deserved popularity) of shredded swine, this meat finds fresh life lovingly pressed between two slices of bread and cheese. The white bread is marbled with tan on the outside, and generously stuffed with cheddar and tangy-sweet pork. The mathematical beauty of combining two delicious dishes is that the result isn't necessarily additive but, rather, multiplicative.

Pulled Pork on its own proves a giving and worthy partner to a tangled crown of subtly acidic coleslaw.  The deftly-shredded pork swoons with gentle smoke and sweet heat, and happily occupies a soft bun. Though the pork-grilled cheese combination was quite magical, this too is a solid contender in a culinary sea rife with pulled pork. Glad to see you on the streets, Street Eats. Welcome to the flock.

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