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Saturday, 27 July 2013

Where's the Beef? At Black Bull Grill.

Alberta's "cowboys and beef" reputation far transcends mere cartographic boundaries. Ask any non-Albertan to list a few of this province's specialties, and beef is invariably in the top five. One must wonder why, in this epoch of food trucks, has Alberta beef made few appearances?

Ah, but it has made appearances - one must look in the right places. A jaunt down 99 Street and about 57 Avenue, for example, reveals the dressed-to-the-nines Black Bull Grill. This addition to Edmonton's expanding-faster-than-a-supernova food truck scene eschews the popular downtown scene to bring colour and enticing aromas to the south side. The menu centers on beef and bison, all incarnated as different versions of Philly cheese steak sandwiches.

The original Philly barely fits inside the take-out container. The baguette veritably groans under its crown of sliced fragrant beef, tender-crisp green peppers, earthy mushrooms, and translucent onions. A generous slather of melted cheese completes the picture.

The Peppercorn features a lavish blanket of melted provolone atop the aforementioned beef, onions, mushrooms and peppers. A few more grinds of pepper would be welcome - pepper and beef are natural-born lovers. There is no need to inquire as to "where's the beef." It's right here.

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