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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Orbit Street Food - Houston, We Have Lift-Off

Fall is in the air. Shades of yellow and orange are slowly replacing summer's greens and mornings bring a bracing chill. The now-past summer witnessed an unprecedented explosion of food trucks in downtown Edmonton - and in other areas, for good measure. Though the great majority of these restaurants on wheels enjoyed their maiden voyages in the spring, Orbit Street Food & Catering launched on the cusp of autumn.

Orbit's universe is one of tacos. The recipes are not strictly Latin American per se, but comprise a fusion of flavours that draw upon multiple interpretations of these portable provisions. Here, on this brisk September afternoon, the nippy air has an unexpected advantage: the aromas that emanate from Orbit's windows are sharpened to a Pavlovian drool-worthy level.

Shrimp tacos (pictured at left) present a quartet of plump prawns nestled cozily into a bed of greens and lusciously-textured guacamole. An unexpected whisper of habanero heat creeps up at the end of each bite - unexpected, but most welcome. Sweet morsels of mango provide a cool counterpoint to the chilies. Braised beef (pictured at right) tacos are laced with the dark and rich nuances of espresso and chocolate. Corn and pepper relish is toothsome and gently sunny but, temperature-wise, is rather cold. The full spectrum of flavour from these ingredients would benefit from a bit of warmth. Zippy red onions ease their way into the beef's languid essence; their acidity nicely complements the richness of the meat.

Bravo, Orbit. Cruising altitude has been reached.

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