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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

It Was A Very Good Year

Happy new year to all. I've just hung up the new calendar and flipped through its blank pages. I love looking at a brand new calendar or day planner - history that is yet to be written.

The last year rushed by in the manner in which it typically does. Too fast, of course, but frequently punctuated by meals most exquisite. What will 2014 bring in our culinary landscape?

Looking Back


          - The fabulous openings of (in no particular order) Rge Rd, Woodwork, Parlour, Square One Wye Road, Enzo's on 76, Belgravia Hub, Japonais Bistro, Tavern 1903, Cafe Bicyclette, Izakaya Tomo. I could go on and go. Apologies for any unintentional oversights.

          - The City of Edmonton's overdue relaxing of outdoor patio guidelines (e.g., Tres Carnales)

          - The happy proliferation of farmers' markets


          - The sad closings of Ousia, The Makk on 124, Bistro Saisons, and Roast.

          - The well-deserved closing of Plow & Harvest. That was just grim.

Predictions for 2014

          - Established restaurateurs pursuing new ventures (e.g., Corso 32's Daniel Costa developing new restaurants downtown, Credo's 124 street location, plus another well-known assemblage of culinary friends that will soon reveal their plans, plus an upstart Italian expanding his amazing pasta to a neighbouring town...stay tuned.)

          - A plateau in the exponential growth of food trucks. Last year I wished for more. We need something up and beyond...sea cans anyone? (think Victoria's Red Fish Blue Fish)

          - A trendy dessert. Not sure yet what it will be. The mid-2000s had cupcakes. Last year was owned by frozen yogurt. Whoopie Pies, anyone?

A special thank-you

Marlow Moo accompanied me on the majority of dining excursions over the past two years, but remained largely uncredited for providing incisive wit and insight. Here's to many more.

Until then, eat well, my friends.

Just a little snack. Fresh bread with balsamic and olive oil, proscuitto, and shaved asiago.


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