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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Small Bites - Delicious Pho and New Way Pizza

Extraneous verbosity eschews exactitude and circumvents precision.

No, really.

Vividly descriptive recollections of dining experiences are grand, but summations served with an extra helping of brevity are rare. And so, tonight: Delicious Pho and New Way Pizza. Served short and sweet.

Delicious Pho, based on its name, gives itself big shoes to fill. Much of the interior appears to have been carried forward from the spot's predecessor, The Makk on 124. Arrival of steaming - and positively enormous - bowls of pho heralds a worthy successor. Gorgeous, thin, pink slices of beef are happily tangled with noodles, onions, and crunchy white tripe. Multifarious broth boasts layers of secrets and spices, all of which confirms that this broth could not have been made in a hurry. Pinches of basil, a swirl of hoisin, and a dollop of chili paste complete the picture. Liane Faulder's meatball pho looks pretty darn enticing too.

Delicious PHO' on Urbanspoon

New Way Pizza, an unassuming joint on 66 Street north of Fort Road, is another welcome addition to one's dining repertoire. Ordering in is the way to go, for seating is minimal. Whole wheat crust is commendably fluffy - I didn't realize it was whole wheat until reading the take-out menu after the fact. Generous lashings of marinara, slices of ham, triangles of pineapple and a crowning achievement of cheese embody a thoroughly satisfying pie, the leftovers of which do not end up lasting long in the fridge.

New Way Pizza on Urbanspoon


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