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Monday, 23 June 2014

Meat for Dinner and dinner the next day and the day after

By the third day, I was feeling like this cat below.

Leopard (Panthera pardus) feeding off a cached kill (photo from Wikipedia)

Indeed, multiple visits to the oversized take-out box in the refrigerator produced successive meals of meat that lasted for nearly a week after a visit to Old Strathcona's neophyte meatery, Meat For Dinner.

Meat's space is wide open and somewhat institutional; the din and the long communal tables evoke jarringly fresh memories of university cafeterias. The room's smoky aroma, however, elicits a contradictory serenity that helps to block out the surrounding uproar of feasting and drinking.

The menu reads more like a dare than a bill of fare. Protein, the likes of which include pulled pork, chicken, sausage and brisket are sold by the pound and half-pound. A lone, meatless sandwich almost feels like a token nod to the vegetarian crowd. Pickles, inexplicably, are a dollar each. Food and labour costs are indeed no trifling matter in this economy, but thusly pricing these pickled gourds raises more than a few eyebrows.

(from front to back) Chicken, pulled pork, and beef brisket
 Nonetheless, a sturdy tray sporting at least three pounds of flesh appears in short order and veritably sighs with acrid wisps that bespeak a recent voyage through the smoker. Apple-glazed smoked chicken tastes more of smoke than of apple, but the delicate bird-flesh underneath is lightly sweet and woodsy. Pulled pork is drier than one might like and benefits from the addition of house-made cherry barbecue sauce. Fortunately, redemption arrives in bovine form: smoked brisket boasts enviable ribbons of luscious fat and commendable dimensions of savoury and sweet.

(front) Baked beans and (rear) creamed corn

Side dishes are not meant to hog the spotlight (pardon the pun), but every last scrap of creamed corn - with a delightful hint of dill - is scraped from the bottom of the bowl. Baked beans are spicy, mealy, and satisfying unto themselves.

In spite of a valiant effort, most of the meat ends up divided between two take-home containers and five days later, my inner leopard is still scavenging from the kill. That's not a bad thing either...

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