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Monday, 9 June 2014

The Farrow's Bounty

Farrow ("far-oh")
1. noun
   a litter of pigs
2. verb (used with object)
   (of swine) to bring forth young
3. verb (used without object)
   to produce a litter of pigs
Origin: before 900; Midde English farwen, to give birth to a little of pigs, derivative of Old English fearh, pig (cognate with Latin porcus); akin to German Ferkel (young pig). (Definition from
So there you have it. I must profess that I'd erroneously swapped it for the word "harrow" (which is an agricultural action that is preceding by plowing/cultivating). Either way, the name makes sense. Both have connotations of fertility and creativity, the chief difference being that one refers to the proliferation of mammalian young, whilst the latter heralds the growth of greenery.
Farrow Sandwiches heralds the proliferation of sandwiches. Damn fine sandwiches.
Farrow opens early. Bright and early at 7 a.m. Shadows are cast long from the nascent sun creeping over the treetops and casting exploratory beams across the already warm pavement. Farrow thusly brews a strong, self-assured cup of coffee. Though I foolishly neglected to inquire as to this roast's homeland, it is multifarious, zippy, sunny, and and altogether welcome addition to this ante merediem experience.

This sunny morning's breakfast sandwiches include "Crick Middle." Here, a soft yet crusty roll lovingly cradles a fried egg enraptured by smoked cheddar and piquant ketchup. Tarragon aioli imparts earthy, licorice-like notes that weave together the surrounding ingredients with ease. A good handful of arugula keeps things peppery and light.

BLT 3 Rise of the Pig - and yes, this is its full name - amps up the breakfast factor with enviably crisp-and-fat-ribboned bacon, a smooth and melty layer of Swiss, and a few slices of mercifully ripe tomatoes. Lemon mayo, though a non-intuitive addition to this feast, works on multiple levels, starting with a creamy overture and going out with a citrusy bang.

And so, Farrow Sandwiches proliferates and brings forth bounty that spans both the Animal and Plant Kingdoms.

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